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Ms. Moennig’s butch looks and initial role choices have insured that she won’t be compared to her more girlie-girl cousin. But, she asserted, "I would not want to play a girl who masquerades as a boy for the rest of my life." There’s an important difference between gender-crossing roles and androgyny as a look. "If you’re androgynous, that’s what you look like."

Although she is straight and is currently seeing a Los Angeles actor "who knows what he wants," Ms. Moennig recalled a number of instances when, because of her appearance, she was "probably" hit on by women, who either mistook her for a boy or for a lesbian.

One story making the rounds of Williamstown was that Lea DeLaria, the vivacious, openly gay comic, had taken a shine to Ms. Moennig and pursued her enthusiastically while the two co-starred in As You Like It.

"She did, a bit," Ms. Moennig said carefully, quickly adding: "I like her a lot … she’s really talented. And she’s nuts, man!"

If Ms. Moennig takes misconceptions about gender or sexuality in stride, it may have to do with some of her earliest acting experiences. "I knew that I’d probably be cast as an androgynous character, but I never knew what kind," she said. Nicknamed "Scout" by her mother after literature’s most famous tomboy, Ms. Moennig’s first acting gig was at 10, in a children’s theater production of Winnie the Pooh. She played Christopher Robin.


lue kokonaan täällä. mutta hei, tuohan on vanha haastattelu - vuodelta 2000, siitähän on monta vuotta, siinä ajassa ehtii mieli muuttua ;D

ei mitään juonipaljastuksiin tms. liittyvää.

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